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ruth williams, science writer & journalist Ruth is a freelance journalist who specializes in writing about doctors, scientists, and all the things that they do. She has written for a wide range of lay and academic publications on everything from Nobel Prize winning partnerships to inebriated insects and from cutting edge therapies to medical malpractice. Ruth also ventures beyond the realms of science and medicine occasionally, to dabble in a spot of travel writing.

Ruth's work has appeared in various print and online publications including: The Lancet, Nature, The Scientist, SEED, The Naked Scientists, and Intelligent Life (Economist Group).

In her previous life, Ruth was a real live scientist - with test tubes, a lab coat, and everything! She has a PhD in genetics from King's College London, and was a postdoctoral researcher in stem cell biology at Imperial College London. Today she lives and writes in Brooklyn, New York.

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